Stacey Dash officially sells her soul to ‘post-racialism’: “Black history month needs to end”


The dominance of America’s racial narrative within society, media and social media in the last few years has been persistent, and 2016 is looking to be another racially motivated year for many black Americans and the white supremacist system in which they reside. Following Jada Pinkett-Smith’s criticism of the Oscars awards  and her intention to boycott the awards due to lack of black nominees, a stream of responses from other famous people on the issue of racial inequality in the American film and music industry have been received  from the likes of  rapper Snoop Dogg,  Janet Hubert (AKA dark-skinned aunt Viv from fresh prince) and most recently: Stacey Dash.


EXHIBIT A: The video that began it all.


Although many comments have been made from the various responses that I do not wholeheartedly agree with, I need to address this “let’s end black history month” foolishness that Dash was spewing in particular. I am certainly not the conspiracy theory type, however if there was ever a time to believe that there are planted agents of white supremacy in the black community, this would be the time to believe it ( although Stacey does not consider herself to be “black”, per se).

The purpose of the creation of black spaces and certain black events, including black history month is to honour the history that led black Americans to make the progress in the fight for the level of equality that they have in the present day. Awards such the BET awards (which is white owned, may I add) reserve recognition for artists that make music within the space of black culture, not only black artists (because white people win  the BET awards too.)

Both America and Britain are western societies, they are white dominated. All of the space is already white space. I find it disgusting that Stacey is proposing that black Americans give up the little black social space that they have accrued, all  in the pursuit of some pseudo equality,  as though black people are the ones that are  keeping racial discrimination alive by simply mentioning it. Black people are still being shot in the street like dogs and the perpetrators are walking free, it’s the 1960’s all over again.

Stacey Dash has obviously sold her soul and  signed the contract of post-racialism and good for her, but many do not have, nor do they want this for themselves. If she wants to abscond from her blackness and join the “slavery was a long time ago, get over it” team, then that is her prerogative. However for her to suggest that the rest of the black US population should do the same, many of whom who are not sitting on the same fame, money and European features as she is, is abhorrent and she needs to go sit down somewhere.

EXHIBIT B: The foolishness.

To  acknowledge and celebrate blackness in a white supremacist system is necessary, and to suggest that anything reserved for blacks needs to end, highlights another case of  the unfaltering audacity of white supremacist thought that Stacey has obviously subscribed to. The oppressed always end up with the short straw and all of the blame in the end.

Personally, the most prominent issue I have with all of this is the fact that black people care so much about the acceptance of white society In the first place. I do agree with Stacey on one thing however: Black people either need to run toward segregation or run away from it, we cannot remain ‘frenemies’ with white society if we want to see real change. I i am not suggesting we  separate ourselves physically from white society, I refer to political, economic and educational segregation. Black needs black in these fields of society as these are the areas in which real change is made, the fields of society that will better our lives.

Equality is not something we can ask for any longer, as it simply will not be given by those who will not benefit from giving it. Equality needs to be built and sustained, obtained through black education and financial literacy, and most of all through proper organisation and unity.

The journey to uplifting black society is not about knocking down the door and begging to be let in because it is raining outside;  It is building a house of our own, even if it is not as glamorous as that white house.





7 thoughts on “Stacey Dash officially sells her soul to ‘post-racialism’: “Black history month needs to end”

  1. Eshe Akinyi

    I couldn’t have said this better myself. It’s time for a new dream because integration is not working. Power concedes nothing without demand and no amount of begging and pleading and blending will make a racist system and society change its mind.

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  2. Jedu La Mbende

    Still don’t understand all the fuss about Jada and Stacey Mash dash. Nollywood is ready for you guys, stop making excuses all the time as some of you want to be accepted by these devils. Many of us out there don’t really care about Jada and Co. Angelina Joli will never complaint about Nollywood being too black nor Eminem about the hiphop industry being full of black faces. Please get real.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I personally do not understand the plight of white acceptance either. However Stacey Dash’s comment was just ridiculous. I agree with your comment regarding the need for white acceptance, that I touched upon. However I cannot agree that Nollywood would welcome blacks of the diaspora with open arms.


      1. Jedu La Mbende

        Nollywood will definetly welcome the diaspora with open arms as we are in the same boat no matter where we were born and we are the black nation. The problem sometimes with the diaspora is that, these brothers and sisters like to underestimate the locals by their behaviour. Country such as Ghana today make it easy for blacks ( especially US citizens) to obtain a dual citizenship in the same time many initiatives have been taken by numerous African nations in order to welcome the diaspora as the Panafricanism movement is well established concept amongst Africans. I will say it again they should STOP making excuses. If they still in love with the oppressor whip then they should put up and shut up. In response to your question (I am from Cameroon).

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  3. I wrote of Miss Dash a long time ago (it really pains me that I had a crush for someone like her once upon a time). She is a troll and continues to troll when her income stops she’ll be singing a different tune. As for the Smiths they have raised an issue that has been expressed by many people for decades I will now give them a cookie for sharing their epiphany. My sarcasm about the cookie ends here, however this video didn’t empower me it just made see the true colours of certain individuals. Why does one need acknowledgement for none existing acting apart from Creed I don’t recall being any black film that was oscar worthy anyway and I also heard that will smiths nigerian accent was horrible could’t they have got an authentic nigerian or even a black british actor we have plenty of them. When it came to people being gunned down by the police where was the voice. Probably drowned out by the #alllivesmatter mindset they have. You want acknowledgement seek it from your people work in the schools provide them with chances go to africa and put in work like Akon is doing. Your unruly kids Jaden cross dressing for a white fashion designer may i add and willow like this post was a good post but it just made me realise how much this video pissed me off more than anything if someone like spike lee said something to do with this it would have meant more and made more sense but it came from pinkett smith. Stop knocking on a door of a house that you’re not wanted in.


    1. So many great points, I don’t even know which one to address first! You are completely right about the selective outrage from black people over racial inequality. It seems as thought certain black people (*cough, the smiths) only see the foolishness when they feel that the injustice has manifested itself in their life personally. Too many black people have a singular mentality and do not identify as being black first, they don’t care when other black people are being mistreated because they think if they grin enough teeth with the powers that be, they will get a pass. These blacks always get their ‘Negro wake up call’ in the end, The smiths got theirs, and Stacey Dash has yet to receive hers.
      Idris Elba deserved an Oscar for a beast with no nation, but I heard Smith didn’t really do enough for an Oscar and yes they could have gotten a Nigerian actor! We need to be focusing on long term solutions, not revelling in sensationalism and drama all the time, because what real progress will this bring?


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