Black, British & Concerned?

To be honest, I spent far too much time before I began writing this post deciding how I would begin it. I convinced myself it had to be something deeply intellectual, setting the tone for posts to come. I then decided that time would allow for all the profoundness I liked, and that a simple introduction would suffice for now.
 I consider myself an avid consumer of cultural content;  black cultural content to be specific. I enjoy immersing myself in the discussion of racial topics, concerning the advancement of racially driven, independent conversation in Britain. I want to discuss the cultural and social issues that are affecting us as black Brits, engulfing us even; and whether these issues are considered unwanted topics of conversation that no one wants to take responsibility for, or just an accepted reality that comes with being black in Britain.
The purpose of this blog is to create a platform to express ideas and discuss the issues that resonate with and reflect the realities of life in everyday black Britain. I hope to create a place for the respectful expression of these ideas that may not always make it into our everyday communications. I hope a community can be built here, a collective dare I say? Bringing meaningful cultural, racial and socially centred issues back into the everyday black British conversation, not necessarily in an attempt to establish what is right and wrong of the things of which we observe, but to establish the here and now, what has gone, and develop informed insight of what is to come for us as a people.
So I guess we will just see how it all goes, shall we?
Until next time.

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